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Incoming materials inspection

Incoming materials inspection

Establishment of processes for the receiving inspection functions, to delineate responsibility for verify, record and controls on incoming materials.

The purpose of procedure is to establish a structural system for receiving and managing inspection, a various function, and to define responsibilities for the conducting inspection processes, verification of each incoming & received products, recording information related to incoming materials, and controls on the purchasing procedures that impacting inspection results on completion of job. These procedures should be implement and apply its in all the materials received from various suppliers, manufacturers, distributors or contractors for producing best quality materials to compliance of end applications and achieving customer satisfaction. The process is related to quality assurance, and also with production and purchasing hence the impacting of inspection results are directly and indirectly affecting on said sections. The procurement team is indirectly concern with incoming materials inspection, hence the quality assurance team is receiving inspection information once the order placed, and details received.

The procurement team is responsible for insuring that all materials procured for the various purpose, to used in producing materials, final product manufacturing. In the manufacturing requirements are all the inputs as the raw materials, bill of materials, tools and dies, spare and parts are used and engaged in manufacturing activities should be conformed, that is fully conforming product should be received by concern department to managing further processes, drawing or specifications requirements, technical & customer provided end applications characteristics should be meet the final product that procured materials should be verified and inspected accordingly. The inspection process should be focus on major requirements, receiving inspection verifies that there should not be a material damaged has occurred to the packages during their transit form supplier to organization area. The inspection should have covered all the required verification of documentation related to procured materials, and along with received, the information verified and mentioned in inspection to cross examination.

The inspection process results, that is non-conformity of product are conducted and implemented of procurement processes and update suppliers for the identified non-conformities, the material should be manage separately once the received materials, and send to quality assurance for further actions, the quality assurance team manage materials having non-conformity to document the identified non-conformity, the team is determine the materials concern actions as rejected materials. The identified non-conformity materials should be labeled with rejected materials with specific color to easier for identified tag, the indication of non-conformance either on material or related documentation and shall be placed in its original package when practical and forwarded to the material review team. All the identified and segregated non-conformed materials are reviewed & determine for further actions that can be returned, repair or replace the materials as specifications and standards system. The receiving inspection documentation, records, shall be stored in the specific defined area as per retention period mentioned in standard documentation system. The documentation is maintained on conducting inspection, of each receiving / incoming materials in the separate file is incoming materials inspection record, see picture below provided for education purpose:

incoming materials inspection record

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