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Quality audit of final packaged product

Quality audit of final packaged product

The quality audit of final packaged product carried out to verify the conformance to standards.

Quality audit of final packaged product is process that managed by qualified quality audit team to ensure that the product packaged on final stage maintained quality requirements, the product standards, technical requirements and customer requirements for final packaged process had maintained, and all requirements are complied accordingly. The quality audit process owner is quality department, hence quality manager is responsible for identify requirements of final packaged product requirements for quality, and quality manager is select the quality engineers / inspectors for conducting quality audit in final packaged product, quality engineers shall be responsible for implementation of quality audit processes, and documentation needs to manage and improve final packaged product requirements. The quality audit process is maintained for final packaged product as quality system management defined scope and implementation of processes to overall process improvement, hence packaging materials identifications, customer requirements of product quality, delivery requirement etc.., are considered during quality audit of final packaged product. Final packaged product’s quality inspection and auditing is maintained to verify the basics structural procedures hence the customer provided drawing, internal drawing department implemented drawing and maintained in production lines are verification needs, hence identifications and traceability is also involved in quality audit to identification of defective materials at various stages. The final packaged product quality audit is also called document audit where all the final packaged product documents are inspected by engineers to ensure the concern processes are maintained, and implemented for producing materials to finalized and packaged product.

The procedures for quality audit of final packaged product is established by quality team, and quality management is deploy the quality engineering team to verify the records, documents and processes to ensure the final packaged product, quality manager is responsible for selection of quality engineers, provide guidelines for conducting quality audit, monitoring on quality inspection processes and controls over the process to enhance effective quality audit processes. The processes conducted by quality audits for the final packaged product are as below:

  • The quality auditors are verify the product job order as prepared by planning department and implemented schedule sheet for the product development, the planned information and schedules should be needs to verify for ensure product standards, customer specific requirements and final product expectations.
  • The quality auditors are conducting the processes as per standards procedure defined for the product identification and traceability, the standard methods for tracing the each batch which are already shipped to customers shall be established and enabling easy retrieval of damaged / defective batch.
  • Quality auditors are needs to verify the standards procedures for repairing / reworks of defective product; the inspection of re-worked product should be maintained required instructions and parameters during the processing.
  • Quality audit team should be conducting any quality audit processes at places where scoped for managing tasks and final packaged product’ quality audit is also conducted as per process planned and scheduled by system & quality audit is conducted as frequency defined in quality system.
  • The team should be maintained control plan for the final packaged product, hence the control plan should be prepared and implemented as internal requirements, the final inspection and in-process inspection standards’ control plan is similar or can merge in single control plan, but the separate issues and its detailed information should be mentioned and same the implemented.
  • The quality team needs to prepared audit plan, schedule and planning documents before the conducting quality audit, hence the each audit requirement are managed and scheduled in documents, the planning sheet should be well developed according final packaged product’ quality audit requirements.

The final packaged quality audit process helps to determine improvement plan for all the stages for provide quality product to customers, hence the records and its documents are also considered by quality audit team and reviews for improvement, hence quality audit team is also prepared the documents for conducting final packaged product, the document prepared by quality audit team is final product quality audit plan, see picture below:

Final Product Quality Audit

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