Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Standard operating procedure to handle the glassware during analysis in Quality Control.

       To design a procedure for handling of glassware and to eliminate the usage of broken glassware.
2.0  SCOPE
       This procedure is applicable to all type of glassware which are to be used during analysis.    
3.1  Doing      : Technical Assistant
3.2  Checking : Executive/Manager
       Head of the Department
5.1  Receive glassware according to the indent.
5.2  Enter the details of receipt in the Annexure–I.
5.3  In case of any broken glassware found, return the same to the supplier.     
5.4  After receipt of Burette, Pipette and volumetric flask, calibrate the respective glassware.
5.5  In case, if results are not within limit during calibration, repack these glass wares in different box and return to the supplier.
5.6  Store the glassware in ‘Glassware store room’ in their allocated places.
5.7  Maintain the glassware stock in the computer as per format Annexure –II and get the print out at the end of month.
5.8  Issue the glassware when required and update the stock in computer.
5.9  In case of any breakage during analysis destroy the same.

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