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roadsafety guideline


Road Safety Tips For Pedestrians
Walk on footpath - 50% of people killed in road accidents are Pedestrians only.
Always Remain Alert While On Road
  • It is effectual to walk on road sides, if it is having footpaths.
  • In case, if it is not having the foot paths and then walk on right side.
  • It is highly recommended to make use of zebra crossing, subways and foot- over bridge.
  • People are recommended that they should be crossing the roads only when vehicles are at a distance
A Little Carelessness Can Be Dangerous
  • People should ensure that they are not crossing roads in hurry
  • You should avoid crossing the roads within or in front of the parked vehicles
  • Never jump on the cross road railings.
  • It is very hazardous to cross the road where nothing is visible to the drivers.


Cyclists: 10% of cyclists are killed everyday in the road accidents
  • It is highly recommended that cycle should be fitted through gadgets and it should have rear view mirror, reflective tapes and black painted mirrors at its back as well as in front.
  • It is recommended to make use of cycle and road track and they should be present on extreme left.
  • It is advisable to avoid cycling on busy roads
  • You should be at asafe distance from motorized vehicles
  • It is recommended to make use of proper indication and then only stop.
  • You should avoid doing stunts
  • You should not keep heavy goods on cycle
  • You should avoid holding rides on fast vehicles
  • You should never be riding parallel with another cycle.
  • These are some of the rules and regulations that should be followed effectively.

Bus Commuters

  • Boarding requires the person to stand in a queue.
  • In the bus, one should show restraint behavior
  • Railings inside the bus are meant for security
  • One must get down only at the intended destination
  • It is important to unboard only when the bus halts
  • It is futile to rush and board the bus
  • Using the steps in the bus for standing is not allowed
  • Driver needs to focus, therefore one must not make noise
  • It is dangerous to flash hands or other body part out of the bus
  • It is highly dangerous to come in front of the bus after un boarding.

Motor Cyclists

Motor Cyclists
More than 20% people meeting with the accidents are motorbike riders
  • BIS approved head gear should be worn while driving the bike
  • Pillion riders must also be equipped with the similar quality helmet
  • The headgear must be worn tightly
  • Air pressure must be verified in the front as well as rear tires
  • Lights of the motorbike must be normal and should not malfunction
  • Indicators must be turned on while turning
  • After the turn the indicators must be deactivated
  • Brakes must be used in a proper manner
  • A middle lane journey is suggested
  • Vehicle should move at a certain distance from other bikes.
  • Rising in a zigzag fashion is prohibited
  • One must not overtake while driving on the left side of any vehicle plying on the road
  • Brakes should not be applied suddenly because they might malfunction
  • A bike is made to accommodate only 2 people and more than that.
  • Talking over cell phone is a crime while riding
  • Bus lane are used for heavy vehicles
  • Minors are not allowed 

Car Drivers

  • The passenger who is sitting in the front seat must be equipped with the seat belts.
  • The speed limit must not be more than 50km/hour
  • One should drive in its own lane
  • Vehicle should move at a certain distance from other  cars
  • A driver should always carry important documents which could be produced on demand to the users.
  • Indicators are required to switch over the lanes.
  • It is important to wear seat belts
  • Gear is important to drive the car.
  • Acceleration along with sudden barking must be avoided
  • Clutch must not the used while driving
  • Loading the car with more than permissible load could create lots of problems for the people.
  • Mobile phone must be avoided while driving
  • Children who are not above 12 years of age should not be allowed to sit in the front seat.
  • Minors are not allowed
  • Drugs must be avoided
  • Drinking is a crime while driving.

Bus and Truck Drivers

The buses along with the trucks belong to the category of extremely heavy vehicles. They should be driven at a speed less than 40km/hr.  They are not allowed to overtake any of the smaller vehicles. All the drivers are required to drive the vehicle according to the bus lane. Bus boxes are used for parking  heavy vehicles. Different buses are scheduled for parking and would need to wait their turn. Buses cannot overtake each other and it is prohibited by law.
For towing along with loading, guidelines are as follows
  • Towing should be according to the license permits.
  • Loading the trucks with more than permissible load could create lots of problems for the people.
  • Load should be safely packed and must not be hanging out to avoid accidents
  • The load must be adequately kept in such a manner that heavy one should be distributed in order to avoid accidents. The lighter ones must be kept on the tow to provide amazing results.

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