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Why we are celebrating 4th march national safety day?

Why we are celebrating 4th march national safety day?
After the independence, there was rapid industrialization in our country, which also resulted in increase in number of accidents. At that time, there was no such body for guiding the industries on safety.
In view of the rising trend of industrial accidents in the country, the labour minister's conference in its 22nd session 1962 recommended that "a conference on safety in factories should be convened and the question of setting up the National Safety Council for conducting a campaign on accident prevention should be considered."
The recommendation of the conference was approved by the 24th session of the standing labour committee, which met on 13th to 14th February 1966 at New Delhi under the chairmanship of late shri Jagjivan Ram (at that time he was union minister), and the proposal concerning the constitution of National Safety Council (NSC) was set up on 4th March 1966 by the ministry.
Subsequently, it was decided that this day, 4th March, should be commemorated as National Safety Day every year in the form of National awareness campaign. Since 1972 the National Safety Day is celebrated every year throughout the country to reiterate the importance of safety and create an awareness campaign throughout the country.

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