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CURRICULUM VITAE OF -Dr. Amar Nath Giri ( 1978) not updated after joining nfcl since 2007

Present employer  ; NAGARJUNA GROUP

Dr. Amar Nath Giri (1978) –Ex IGIDR , MUMBAI &  IIM- Lucknow Research Associate. 
Qualifications: B.Sc (Z.B.C.); M.Sc. Environmental Science; P.G.D. in Environmental Protection Law, Certificate In Environmental studies, Ph.D.  Environmental Science (2005), Lucknow University, Worked as a Research Associate (1-Environmental Management & law 2. Agriculture management Center) at IIM Lucknow.
Group: Environmental science, Management & law, 
Working Area(s): Environmental science, Env. Biology, Env. Education, Env.Awareness; Environmental Laws & Management; Publishing Magazine, Newsletter, Booklets, Organizing Env. Programmes.
Research Area(s): Environmental Policy, Laws, Regulation and Management; Sustainable Development & Environmental laws; Solid Waste Management; Disaster Management; Industrial Pollution Control, Impact of pollution on Plants & animals, Pollution Monitoring. Bio-energy / Remote Sensing Application.
  • Organised INDO-RUSSIAN Joint Seminar on “Institutional Reforms and Development Units in Transitional Economy” in collaboration with Russian Academy of Sciences, ICSSR under Indo-Russian Joint Commission for Cooperation in Social Sciences, IGIDR, Mumbai, February 12 & 13, 2007.
  • Was a Delegate in International Industrial Relation Association  (IIRA) Asian Regional Congress on topic “ The Changing Global Labour Market – Challenges and Opportunities for Asia” At Hotel Ashok, New Delhi, India 19-21 April, 2007.

Ph.D Awarded  in 2005
Faculty of Science Department of Botany
Environmental Science
“Environmental Impact of Industries on Agricultural Crops and Critical Studies of Existing Regulatory Governance for Highly Polluting Industries in India”
Amar Nath Giri
I.I.M. Fellow
M.Sc. (Envl.Sc.), P.G.D.E.P.L.
Co-Supervisor                                                              Supervisor
Dr. S.P. Trivedi                                                              Dr. Y.K. Sharma
2005 (INDIA)

List of Abbreviations (I and II)
I Part
CHAPTER I    - Introduction 
CHAPTER II - Review literature
CHAPTER III - Materials and methods
CHAPTER IV- Results and discussions
·         Pulp and paper mill effluent: petridish and pot, experiment No. 1 to 5
·         Sewage effluent: experiment No.6
·         Asbestos effluent:  experiment   No.7
·         Distillery effluent:   experiment No.8
·         Sewage and asbestos effluent:  experiment   No.9
·         Figures
·         Photoplates
CHAPTER V- Conclusion: Suggestions and Recommendations.
II Part
CHAPTER I - Introduction:  legal provisions relating to environmental law.
CHAPTER II-Definitions of various terms, concepts and importance of compliance
 and enforcement and factors responsible for weaknesses of compliance and  enforcement.
CHAPTER III-Status highlights the problems of compliance and enforcement   in India.
CHAPTER IV -Judicial trend: views and directions of Supreme Court and High
Court decisions environmental compliance and enforcement effectiveness of
 environmental compliance and enforcement in polluting industries in India.
CHAPTER V-Effectiveness of environmental compliance and enforcement in Polluting Industry in India: a field survey.
CHAPTER VI -Conclusion: Suggestions and Recommendations.
Name of the Applicant: Dr. Amar Nath Giri Ex. Research Associate (IIM Lucknow & IGIDR Mumbai, Maharashtra)
Job Industrial/Instituional/research Experience: 12  Years
Father’s Name: Mr. Nageshwar Giri
Mother’s Name: Mrs. Kismati Devi
Date of Birth:   20-02-1978
Permanent Address: Rajendra Nagar (West) Gorakhnath Mandir 
                                          Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
Telephone if any:       09912511918, 0552-2253437
 E-mail:                   ,,


Ø  Ph.D. in Environmental Science from Lucknow University, Lucknow, in 2005, entitled “Environmental Impact of Industries on Agricultural crops and critical study of existing regulatory governance for most polluting Industries in India.” 
Ø  Ist Class M. Sc. in Environmental Science from Lucknow University in 1999.
Ø  Ist Class Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Protection Law From Lucknow University, Lucknow in 2000.


Ø  Ist Class B.Sc. (Z.B.C.) from Gorakhpur University in 1997.

Group: Environmental science, Management & law
  • Was a “ News Editor” of a monthly magazine on Environment and Health entitled “ The Green Trend” Lucknow.
  • Was an Environmental analyst at Mohan Meakin Ltd. Lucknow.
  • Was a Research Associate in I.I.M. Lucknow in Legal Management Group.
  • Was a Research Associate in I.I.M. Lucknow in Agricultural Management Center.
  • Worked as Research Associate in Environmental Division of Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai.
Ø   Air pollution Assessment (Monitoring, Inventorisation & Modeling) at Delhi. Under Prof. V.K. Sharma, IGIDR Mumbai.

Nature of Job                                               

Job Details in Brief: This assignment focused on “Integrated Assessment of Air Quality at New Delhi.” The objective of this project is to assess the AQ at selected locations within New Delhi. The study was use an integrated approach including AQ Monitoring (Field Sampling and Laboratory Analysis), AQ Receptor Modelling (Source Identification i.e. SI and Apportionment i.e. SA) and empirical analysis of Health Impacts of AQ
Ø   State of Environment Report Maharashtra. Under Prof. V.K. Sharma, IGIDR Mumbai.
Ø  “Preperation for perspective plan for implementation of NFFWP at five district”. Under Professor Zabir Ali, Agriculture Management Centre IIM Lucknow.
Ø  Environment Management  & Law in Industries.” Under Professor D.S. Sengar, Head legal Management group, IIM Lucknow.
Ø  Synthesis of Urea and its impact on ornamental plants.” Site- I.F.F.C.O, Phulpur Allahabad. U.P. (India); Supervisor: Dr. B.D. Nautiyal, Reader Department of Botany, Lucknow University.
Ø  Study the working Mechanism of C.E.T.P. (Operation & Maintenance) & analyze the Quality of water released from C.E.T.P. & E.T.P.” Training Programme: Common Effluent Treatment Plant  & Effluent treatment Plant in Unnao & Mohan Meakin.
Ø   “Impact of Basathrin pollution on reproductive potential of fresh water food fish         (Heteropneustes fossilis).” Department of Zoology, Lucknow University. Supervisor: Dr. S.P Trivedi, Reader Department of Zoology, Lucknow University.
Ø   “Evaluation of Noise Pollution in Lucknow city and its legal aspects.”Duratin- Three months, Guide; Prof. M.M. Lal, Ex.  Deputy Director, I.T.R.C.
·        Operation and Maintenance of Effluent treatment plant ( Tanneres & Distillery)
·        Water analysis (i.e. BOD, COD, DO, EC, pH, alkalinity, heavy metal, metals, TDS, SS, TSS, total nitrogen, fluoride etc.).
  • Air Monitoring:
·  Meteorological data: Wind velocity, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity,
·  Particulate Matter: RSPM, TSPM. Gaseous pollutants: SOx, NOx. NH3, CO,
·  Chemical Species:  Metals, OC, EC.
·  Use of Air quality Model: CMB 8.2, FA-MR
  • Soil analysis (i.e. Organic matter, CaCO3, Ca, N, heavy metal & metals through DTPA extraction method, nitrogen, fluoride, Fe and P).
  • Petridish, soil, sand and hydroponics culture. 
  • Handling knowledge of UV spectrophotometer, AAS, EC, pH, centrifuges, spectrophotometer etc.
  • Estimation of enzymes especially – Amylase (Total, a and β), Catalase, Peroxidase, Acid phosphatage, SOD and IAA etc. in plants.
  • Osmotic relation in seed germination, relative water content (RWC), fresh weight, dry weight, moisture percentage.
  • Estimation of pigments especially – Chlorophyll (a, b and total), Pheophytin (a, b and total) and total carotenoids.
  • Estimation of total protein, carbohydrate contents in plants.
  • Estimation of heavy metals and nutrients in plant tissue.
Paper published / communicated:
o   Giri Amar Nath, Srivastava, Dinesh Kumar and Trivedi, S.P. (2000). “Insecticide Basathrin Induced Histoanatomical Insult of ovarian tissue of Indian catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis.” Biological Memoirs 26 (1): 20-24.
Book: Ph.D thesis is Under Publication submitted in ICSSR Delhi.
o   “Living with the poison” The Green Trend (Environment and Health Investigative monthly magazine) September 2000.
o   “Khajuraho Temples” The Green Trend (Environment and Health Investigative monthly magazine) October 2000.
o   “Jute uses and processing” The Green Trend (Environment and Health Investigative monthly magazine) January 2001.
o   “Bombay Natural History Society” The Green Trend (Environment and Health Investigative monthly magazine) March& April 2001.
Booklets & Sheets:
o   “Biodiversity outlook, Significance& Conservation” (2002). The Green Trend Foundation Lucknow (U.P.)
o   “Environmental responsibilities”(2002). The Green Trend Foundation. Lucknow (U.P.)
o   “Air pollution “ an overview in Hindi (2002). The Green Trend Foundation. Lucknow (U.P.)
o   “Green News” An Enviro– News Sheet (Quarterly). The Green Trend Foundation. Lucknow (U.P.)
Industrial  visit:
Apart from theoretical knowledge of the subject , I am having  significant  exposure which have been gained by visiting  the following  industries.
Mohan Meakin Ltd. Lucknow, J.B. Daurala Paper Mills Sitapur, Shajhanpur Paper Mills, I.F.F.C.O. Phulpur Allahabad, F.C.I. G.K.P., WIMCO Barilly Camphor, Glass Industry, Tanneries, slaughter house Unnao. Oxygen Factory G.K.P., Sugar factory Nandganj Ghazipur etc.
Institutional /Board visit:
I.T.R.C, N.B.R.I., C.D.R.I, C.I.M.A.P., B.S.I.P., C.I.S.H., I.V.R.I., F.R.I, I.I.M.L., N.E.D.A, C.P.C.B., U.P.P.C.B., M.P.C.B. NPL, IIT Delhi, IEI Delhi, IIPA Delhi, IIT Bombay, TIFR, BARC, IGIDR etc.
Symposia /Seminar attended:
o   Paper presented in Poster session in Indian Science congress, (2002) Lucknow.
o   Was a delegate in Environment & health session, Indian Science  Congress, (2002) Lucknow.
o   Participated in the National Seminar on “Enhancement of Environmental status through Better management and Techniques.” Held at department of Botany, Lucknow University Lucknow.
o   One-day workshop on the state of Environment report sponsored by the World Bank and supported by department of environment and U.P. Pollution Control Board. Govt. of Uttar Pradesh held at Taj Hotel (2002).
o   Nutrient status, Needs and Recommendations for Major Fruit Crops of Uttar Pradesh Workshop held at CISH, Lucknow.
o   Worked in National service Scheme Two Years during my Graduation.
o   Was a College Champion in athletes at M.G.P.G. College Gorakhpur.
o   Was a President of Environmental Protection Student Association (E.P.S.A.) in 1998-2000. Lucknow University, Lucknow.
o   Act as a Volunteer in Indian Science Congress I2002, held at Lucknow University Lucknow.
o   Was an organizer of a number of campaigns, rally, seminar, plantations etc .viz:  “Controlled use of Polythene bags”, “Save drinking water”, Vehicular pollution control.” During my Post graduation.
o   Organised INDO-RUSSIAN Joint Seminar on “Institutional Reforms and Development Units in Transitional Economy” in collaboration with Russian Academy of Sciences, ICSSR under Indo-Russian Joint Commission for Cooperation in Social Sciences, IGIDR, Mumbai, February 12 & 13, 2007.
o   Was a Delegate in International Industrial relation Association  (IIRA) Asian Regional Congress on topic “ The Changing Global Labour Market – Challenges and Opportunities for Asia”  At  Hotel Ashok, New Delhi, India 19-21 April , 2007.
q  Represented District level Softball Championship held at HAL Lucknow.
q  Represented  (State level) Interuniversity Soft ball Championship held at Rohtak, Haryana 2000.
Computer Knowledge:
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) using GRASS and ARC/INFO Methods.
  • Dispersion Modelling of Air Pollutants using Guassion Plume Model.
  • Receptor Modelling of Air Pollutants using Statistical Techniques like Correlation and Regression, Chemical Mass Balance (CMB8), Factor Analysis‑Multiple Regression,  Composite Receptor Model, Cluster Analysis, etc.
  • Expertise to work on several computer softwares such as SPSS, MSOFFICE- Word, Excel, Power Point, Word Perfect, etc.

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