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To Keep Soil Healthy, The Government is Doing Every Possible Effort

Ministry of Agriculture05-December, 2016 17:27 IST
To Keep Soil Healthy, The Government is Doing Every Possible Effort: Shri Radha Mohan Singh

Shri Singh Called for the State Governments to Accelerate the Campaign for Soil Health Awareness

World Soil Day

Union Minister of the Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Shri Radha Mohan Singh has said that the farmers owe their income to the yield in the field, therefore, to keep their soil healthy, the government is doing every possible effort. The Minister of Agriculture stated it in the programme on World Soil Day in College of Engineering, Bilda, Roorkee(Uttarakhand) today.
The Minister said that Soil Health Card scheme was initiated in 2015 to increase the knowhow about soil and soil management and to reduce the gapes existed between the scientist/extension personnel as well as farmers. This programme is being operationalised to facilitate the scientific information based on the requirements of the farmers. Shri Singh further said that government aims to issue Soil Health Cards based on soil testing to all of 14 crore farmers on the cycle of two years.
Shri Singh added that the soil of the field is the pivotal source of agricultural products. Soil provides nutritional elements as well as water to the plants. 95% of food sources are obtained from the soil. We cannot produce healthy food grains without the help of healthy soil. Soil not only produces food grains but also it ensieves rain pour water, stores carbon. Millions and millions micro virus are comprised with a handful soil. It is very necessary to maintain the potentiality of soil for the storage of the carbon and to combat the effects created by climate change.
The Minister stated that the government aims at to assess the systems related to Soil Health management, to make the farmers aware about their betterment and to recommend the points based on soil health so as to utilize the balanced quantity of the fertilizers as per the status of soil health. Consequent upon which the productivity will be enhanced. He further said the national programme also accepts the important role of state governments that their implementing neo-enforcement programme based on Soil Health Management. This will provide assistance to the state governments for issuing soil health cards, to provide service so as to develop data base.
Shri Singh further said that national parameters/ standards are being utilized to collect soil samples. It also provides to arrange exhibition so as to expose developed nutritionals process to the farmers. He while expressing his expectations said that the farmers will be benefited from this scheme and it will provide a platform to entertain the sustainability of agricultural sector. The soil data and information concerned will be provided to all of the farmers easily. After having equipped with better knowhow the farmers will be able to extend appropriate contribution to agricultural development as well as food security.
The Minister called for the state governments to accelerate the campaign for soil health awareness. He further put emphasis that it will be very much appropriate on the parts of the state governments to invest in the arena of irrigation, mechanization, Soil Health testing, Bio farming as well as farmers related transparent services. He said that the governments is making endeavors  to extend the canvass of the existing soil fertility road map in the perspective of the India’s soil health and fertility profile in broader sense of the commitment.
Shri Singh stated that the awareness campaigns are being conducted across the country so as to make the farmers aware about the importance of soil health on the occasion of World Soil Day.
The worthwhile pieces of advice meant for the farmers on world soil day are as follow:-
•           A number of devices will be included in soil health management so as to maintain the fertility of the soil as per the instructions issued by Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare.
•           Soil Health Card promotes the balanced and rationalized use of nutrition on the farm.
•           The micro nutritional elements with first and secondary basis keeping in view the soil testing may be used.
•           The consumption of chemical fertilizers will be reduced by motivating integrated nutrition management.
•           Adopt compost, manure, rural compost, urban compost, green manure in the particular sector of farming under integrated nutrition management.
•           Reduce the cost of farming by using different types of bio fertilizers.
•           Arrange bio carbon in the soil.
•           Assimilate residuals while ploughing the fields to have improvements in soil fertility.
•           Get your soil card made, utilize that and enhance your income.


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