Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Bacteriological analysis of drinking water by MPN method.

 Most probable number (MPN) analysis is a
statistical method based on the random
dispersion of microorganism...

 From the number and distribution of positive and
negative reactions, the MPN of indicator
organisms in the sample may be...PRESUMPTIVE TEST
 It is used for detection and estimation of coliform
in water sample. For estimation of coliforms,
 Some spore forming bacteria give false positive
test in presumptive test.
 Confirmed test is done to det...COMPLETED TEST
 Subculture typical colonies in lactose containing
medium and incubated at 37° C and 44.5 °C.
 Presence o...
 Petridishes
 Test tubes
 Sampling bottle ( sterile)
 MacConkey or Lactose broth
 EMB agar, Nurtient a...PROCEDURES :
 Prepare MacConkey purple media of single and
double strength in test tubes with Durham... Incubate the tubes at 37°C for 24 hours.
 After incubation , observe the gas production in
Durham’s tube and color chan...FOR CONFIRMED TEST
 Take the positive tube from the presumptive test
and using EMB in duplicate.
 Incubate one plate at ...COMPLETED TEST
 Inoculate the colony in a tube of Lactose broth with
Durham’s tube .
 Subculture the colony on Nutrient ...

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