Monday, 30 January 2017

Strategic management

• Urea is produced by the highly
exothermic reaction of Ammonia and
carbon dioxide to form ammonium
Carbamate with slightl...
 Decomposition Section
1. Here Carbamate is decomposed to
ammonia and carbon dioxide gasses.
NH2COONH4 = CO2 + 2NH3
2. Deco...
Recovery Section
1. The unreacted ammonia and CO2 can
not be compressed in practical instead
of this we do
1. Separate and...

Crystallization Section
1. The urea solution leaving the
Carbamate decomposes is vacuum
crystallized and urea crystals are...
Prilling Section
• Dry crystals of urea collected in
the air dryer in which it is dried by
passing dry air from F.D. fan.

Prilling Section
• Molten urea solution comes from
head tank to acoustic granulator
and then sprayed in the form of

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Strategic management is defined as dynamic process of formulation implication and control of strategies to realize the org...

4 Phases Of Strategic Management <br />S<br />T<br />R<br />A<br />T<br />E<br />G<br />I<br />C  CONTROL<br />ESTABLISHME...
I st Phase  -- Establishment of strategic intent <br />Strategic intent is the hierarchy of objectives that the organisati...

ProcedureObjective (business objective) </li></ul>II nd Phase—Formulation of strategy  <br />That means devising the strategy or fe...

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