Tuesday, 7 June 2016


• Operate pumps near best efficiency point (BEP).
• Ensure adequate NPSH at site of installation.
• Modify pumping system and pumps losses to minimize throttling.
• Ensure availability of basic instruments at pumps like pressure gauges, flow meters.
• Adapt to wide load variation with variable speed drives or sequenced control of multiple units.
• Stop running multiple pumps - add an auto-start for an on-line spare or add a booster pump in the problem area.
• Use booster pumps for small loads requiring higher pressures.
• Increase fluid temperature differentials to reduce pumping rates in case of heat exchangers.
• Repair seals and packing to minimize water loss by dripping.
• Balance the system to minimize flows and reduce pump power requirements.
• Avoid pumping head with a free-fall return (gravity); Use siphon effect to advantage.
• Conduct water balance to minimise water consumption, thus optimum pump operation.
• Avoid cooling water re-circulation in DG sets, air compressors, refrigeration systems, cooling towers feed water pumps, condenser pumps and process pumps.
• In multiple pump operations, carefully combine the operation of pumps to avoid throttling.
• Provide booster pump for few areas of higher head.
• Replace old pumps by energy efficient pumps.
• In the case of over designed pump, provide variable speed drive, or downsize / replace impeller or replace with correct sized pump for efficient operation.
• Optimise number of stages in multi-stage pump in case of head margins.
• Reduce system resistance by pressure drop assessment and pipe size optimization.
• Regularly check for vibration trend to predict any incipient failures like bearing damage, misalignments, unbalance, foundation looseness etc.
Energy Efficiency Guide for Industry in Asia - www.energyefficiencyasia.org

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