Tuesday, 7 June 2016


• Find and fix current compressed air leaks and try to prevent the same. Check for leaks and pressure losses throughout the system regularly (monthly).
• Avoid the improper, yet common practice of cracking drains in an effort to insure moisture free performance at a particular point-of-use.
• Regulate all point-of-use operations at the lowest possible pressure using a quality regulator.
• Eliminate the use of air hoists, and air motors.
• Shut off the air supply to "off-line" production equipment.
• Isolate single users of high pressure air.
• Monitor pressure drops in piping systems.
• Evaluate your need for modulating compressors.
• Use high efficiency motors in place of standard motors.
• Consider multiple staged compressors.
• Lower the output pressure as far as possible.
• Use waste heat off the compressor to help the rest of the plant save energy.
• Avoid delivering higher pressure to the entire plant just to meet the requirements of one user.
• Understand multiple compressor system controls.
• Utilize intermediate controls/expanders/high quality back pressure regulators.
• Understand the requirements for clean-up equipment.
• Use the drying technology that gives you the maximum allowable pressure dew point.
• Choose "best in class" products for all compressor parts in case of replacements.
• Monitor the differential pressure across the air filter. Excessive pressure drop in filters also wastes energy.
• Use cool outside air for the compressor intake.
• Adopt a systematic preventive maintenance strategy for your compressor.
• Impart training and create awareness among employees for efficient operation and maintenance of compressor systems.
• Ensure the entire system is monitored by good housekeeping practices.
• Ensure condensation can be removed swiftly from the distribution network, or does not occur.
• Check that receivers are sized to store air for short heavy demands.

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