Thursday, 15 December 2016

Methodologies Adopted in Plant Maintenance & Inspection to Improve Reliability

a. Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Programme
The main aim of the Risk Based Inspection programme is to;
- Maximize safety by evaluating risks for individual equipments/accessories and recommend
methods to reduce risks.
- Optimize productivity by optimizing plant shut down timings
- Optimize inspections, testing and maintenance to improve plant reliability.
- Improve the understanding of the condition of plant hardware and its management for long
term plant operation.
- Make optimal use of resources through a risk based approach.
Equipment that should be covered in the RBI programme are;
- Furnaces
- Reaction vessels
- Heat exchangers
- Boilers
- Storage tanks/Vessels
- Piping and Pressure Relief valves
The following approach is generally adopted in a RBI Study :

- Preparation of comprehensive lists of pressure equipment based on criticality in terms of
services and set up inspection programme accordingly
- Prioritize the pressure equipment so that the assessments to be carried out enable the major
outcomes from the critical plant to be reported as early as possible.
- Develop process loops for piping such that each process loop has the same environment and
similar risk exposure.
- Complete a risk-based assessment so that meaningful profiles of failure risk, failure
likelihood and failure consequence can be established for each “nominated” pressure item or
process loop in the ammonia plant.
- Prepare inspection programmes for pressure equipment and piping to ensure these items of
plant are effectively operated, maintained and their condition assessed.
- Recommend actions, which will be needed to be carried out to ensure safe & reliable
operation of the plant prior to and after planned shutdown.
- Use of a proprietary Reliability Management System (RMS) software of the Vendor who
will be entrusted to carryout the study.
- Recommend preliminary scope of work and period of the planned upcoming shutdown.
A Risk based Inspection study helps to standardize the inspection procedures to optimize
production and time span for planned shutdown.

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