Thursday, 15 December 2016

Selection of Vendors

Selection of Vendors
This factor has a very important role in new projects as well as in subsequent operational
stages. Selection of experienced and reputed vendors for critical equipments improves the
reliability of the plant operation. Similarly there is a marked improvement in operational
reliability if the catalysts for Catalytic reactors are selected from reputed vendors.
Moreover during initial selection of vendors, a proper evaluation needs to be done. For the
already registered vendors, regular feedback needs to be taken regarding their performance.
A technical team is sent to the vendor’s workplace to assess his overall capability in
delivering the goods. Some of the areas in which the vendor is assessed are:
- Production planning system.
- Quality Assurance system with in house inspection and testing
- Production Machinery and computer software and hardware possessed.
- Design development activities
- Quantity and qualification of personnel employed.
- Quality of sub-vendors.
- Standards / codes followed
- Certifications possessed
- Adequate Safety, Sanitary and Environmental facilities
- Reference list of Clients and feedback on performance from Clients.
- Financial Status.

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