Thursday, 20 April 2017

Emission norms for passenger cars

Emission norms for passenger cars 
NormsCO( g/km)HC+ NOx(g/km)
1991Norms14.3-27.12.0(Only HC)
1996 Norms8.68-12.403.00-4.36
India stage 2000 norms2.720.97
Bharat stage-II2.20.5
Bharat Stage-III2.30.35(combined)
Bharat Stage-IV1.00.18(combined)
Emission norms for Heavy Diesel vehiclesEmission Norms for 2/3 wheeler
NormsCO( g/kmhr)HC (g/kmhr)NOx (g/kmhr)PM(g/kwhr)
1996 Norms11.22.414.4
India stage 2000 norms4.
Bharat stage-II4.
Bharat Stage-III2.
Bharat Stage-IV1.50.963.50.02
NormsCO( g/km)HC+ NOx)(g/km)
1991Norms12-308-12 (only HC)
1996 Norms4.53.6
India stage 2000 norms2.02.0
Bharat stage-II1.61.5
Bharat Stage-III1.01.0

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