Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Local Weather Report and Forecast For: Kakinada Dated :Apr 25, 2017

Past 24 Hours Weather Data
Maximum Temp(oC) (Recorded. on 25/04/17)38.4
Departure from Normal(oC)1
Minimum Temp (oC) (Recorded. on 25/04/17)28.5
Departure from Normal(oC)2
24 Hours Rainfall (mm) (Recorded from 0830 hrs IST
of yesterday to 0830 hrs IST of today)
Todays Sunset (IST)18:19
Tommorows Sunrise (IST)05:39
Moonset (IST)17:16
Moonrise (IST)04:42
7 Day's Forecast
DateMin TempMax TempWeather
25-Apr28.039.0Partly cloudy sky
26-Apr28.039.0Partly cloudy sky
27-Apr28.040.0Partly cloudy sky
28-Apr29.040.0Partly cloudy sky
29-Apr29.039.0Partly cloudy sky with possibility of development of thunder lightning
30-Apr28.038.0Partly cloudy sky with Thundery development
01-May28.038.0Partly cloudy sky with possibility of rain or Thunderstorm

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