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Micronutrient status of Indian soils

Micronutrient status of Indian soils

The role of micronutrients in plant nutrition and crop production has gained importance. List of chronological sequence of establishment plant essential micronutrients includes Iron (Fe) in 1843, Manganese (Mn) in 1922, boron (B) in 1923, Zinc (Zn) in 1926, Copper (Cu) in 1931, Molybdenum (Mo) in 1939, Chlorine (Cl) in 1954, and Nickel (Ni) in 1987 of which the deficiency of Zn and B are wide spread. Real impetus in micronutrient research in India came with the reports of Khaira disease (deficiency of zinc in rice) in mid sixties. The total stock of micronutrients in the bench mark soils of India was reported which largely reflects the diversity in the parent material of the soil and per se does not truly predict soil supply capacity. Only the available micronutrient pool in the soil represents the plant usable form. (Table)

Soil Health Card

Farmer/person ID Field and soil sample information
Name Village
District State
Soil Physical properties
Bulk density(g/cc)
Soil pH
Electrical conductivity(dS/m)
SOC (%)
SOM (%)
Available Nitrogen(Kg/ha)
Available Phosphorus ( Kg/ha)
Available potassium( Kg/ha)
Available Ca+ Mg(meq/100g)
Available S (ppm)
Available Iron(ppm)
Available Copper(ppm)
Available Manganese(ppm)
Available Zinc(ppm)
Soil Respiration rate (kg CO2/ha/day)
Your soil quality rating is

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