Sunday, 2 April 2017

Nutrient demands

Nutrient demands

Indian agriculture is operating at an estimated negative nutrient balance of 10.0 M tons per year of NPK which is likely to increase. Nutrient use of 23 M tons in 2007-08 is expected to increase to 29 .0 M tons (20.7 N, 6.8 P205 and 2.1 K2O M. tons). At an estimated nutrient removal of 37.5 M tons of NPK (11.9 N + 5.3 P2 05 + 20.3 K2O M. tons) the nutrient balance indicate excess use of N and P205, and deficit use of nearly 18 M tons of K (Table) which accounts for 55% of NPK removal. The demand for NPK to meet food production by 2025 would be about 30 M t. and another 15 M t, for commercial crops.

    No single source can meet such a huge demand for fertilizers. This

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